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   Jun 18

Proposal To Install Synthetic Pitch At Jenner Park, Barry

Jenner Park Barry

A major makeover costing more than £350,000 of Jenner Park in Barry, South Wales is being planned which will ultimately result in the installation of a synthetic pitch.

A feasibility study has been ordered into the proposal by the Vale of Glamorgan council leaders. There will also be consultation with local schools and sporting clubs to get feedback for the idea.

The aim is to increase the time that the ground is in a state where it is fit for use. At the moment the grass pitch is often deemed unplayable. By increasing the frequency with which it can be used the field would become a more valuable resource for the town by providing a greater opportunity for providing a venue for sporting events to be held.

In the report Councillor Gwyn John, cabinet member for sports development, says: “One of the ways of increasing the use of the stadium and providing a much larger playing window is to change from grass to a synthetic playing surface.

“Research indicates that grass pitches which have been converted to a synthetic surface provide greater opportunities for consistent use and can be accessed in all weathers.

“The income generated by these facilities at other locations is proven to offset initial capital costs as well as long-term maintenance.”

It has been estimated that the cost of the pitch will be between £349,600 and £358,900.

The full news story can be found at www.barryanddistrictnews.co.uk

   Jun 15

St. James Field Installation Progressing In Missouri

Although there has been a lot of wet weather in recent times, work on the new football, track and soccer facility at the old St. James High School football facility in Rolla Missouri continues to progress. As it is reaching the important parts of the installation the progress has started to intensify in activity.

The company installing the St. James turf is ATG Sports which is the same company that installed Rolla High School’s synthetic turf at Lions Memorial Field. It is also currently in the early stages of installing two synthetic turf fields at Missouri S&T, including the Miners’ game field at Allgood-Bailey Stadium.

St James Football Field

At St. James, the new turf foundation has been laid and several yards of the new synthetic turf is now down. In addition, a 16-10 retaining wall has been erected on the south end, as part of the complex’s tree line had to be removed to expand the track to regulation size.

There are other changes being made to the field such as the movement of the scoreboard to be more easily seen by fans sitting in the bleachers. Improvements were also made to the locker room area.

Click here to view original web page at www.therolladailynews.com


   Jun 14

Beat Drought in Texas Using Local Synthetic Grass Companies

With the continuation of severe drought in Texas cities such as Lubbock are still struggling under stage 2 water restrictions. This places a strain on the local water supplies and luxuries such as watering lawns and golf greens are difficult to justify.

The tasks of mowing, watering and maintaining a lawn in the West Texas sun when combined with a lack of rain makes it difficult for homeowners. The restrictions imposed means that thirsty lawns are not getting the water they need and high water costs combined with even higher temperatures means that there is inevitably going to be far less green space around homes and businesses.

Front Yard Synthetic GrassThere is a way to combat the problem of having to try to maintain dull dry grass. Low maintenance artificial grass lawn is a viable solution and local Texas companies such as South Plains Golf Greens Texas can provide the perfect types of artificial grass for homeowners.

Here is how the company describes its service:

South Plains Golf Greens Texas, operating as Golf Greens Texas.com is not to be confused with newer turf companies in town. Golf Greens Texas is the premiere turf distributor and installation company within the South Plains region. Owner Bill Hillstrom and his expert staff have offered a large selection of artificial grass lawns and golf greens since 2007. Golf Greens Texas can also supply DIYers with all the tools and materials needed to complete their own projects.


Bill’s years of experience are invaluable to homeowners or businesses looking for the perfect way to perk up lifeless, uninspired landscapes. Golf Greens Texas is there to help at every stage – from planning through completion. They offer professionally designed and installed artificial grass lawn or golf greens which will improve curb appeal and possibly your golf game!

“Now is the best time to start a new lawn or golf green project,” says Bill. “We build golf greens that act just like natural grass golf greens right in your own backyard.”

Some of the advantages of an artificial grass lawn are:

• Water conservation. With ongoing drought conditions and water restrictions, making the switch to an artificial grass lawn saves you money. Homeowners gain great curb appeal and can enjoy a nicely manicured lawn without any of the high water bills or hard work.

“You can recoup your investment in water savings and maintenance shortly after installing a lawn,” says Bill. “Not to mention the time, money and hassle you’ll save when you eliminate the need for maintaining a real grass lawn.”

• Today’s artificial grass lawns look and feel like the real thing, only better. Life expectancy with today’s artificial grass lawns is about 20 years. With a variety of lifelike styles and lengths, colors and textures, lawns can once again be a safe place to play or to enjoy a summer evening.

• Pets love the feel of artificial lawns and pet owners love the simple maintenance. Lawns are installed with a deodorizing infill which eliminates pet waste odor, keeping lawns easy to clean and fresh-smelling.

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• An artificial grass lawn eliminates dirt and debris that can be tracked indoors on feet or paws. It also provides a clean surface around swimming pools. Because there is no pollen generated, artificial grass tames grass allergies in pets – and owners, too!

• Artificial grass lawns from Golf Greens Texas come with up to a 15-year warranty, and the company installs only high quality products.

• Because it is low-maintenance, artificial grass turf is an excellent choice for commercial properties, garden homes, or lawns.

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   Jun 11

EasyTurf Scheduled to Showcase Industry Leading Synthetic Turf

EasyTurf is scheduled to return and showcase their industry leading synthetic turf at Dwell on Design the Los Angeles Convention Center June 20-22, 2014.

‘EasyTurf has been an innovator of synthetic grass landscaping and has taken a leading role in educating consumers of our many benefits,’ said Dave Hartman, EasyTurf President.

Dwell on Design is a three full day program showcasing cutting-edge technologies for the home, 90 onstage programs, 200 speakers, and more than 2,000 innovative modern furnishings and products. After the success of the 2013 show, the EasyTurf display will be back, and attendees will get an interactive look at the ingenious engineering involved in the creation of their artificial grass and proprietary MaxxFlo backing.

“EasyTurf has been an innovator of synthetic grass landscaping and has taken a leading role in educating consumers of our many benefits,” said Dave Hartman, EasyTurf President. “We’re excited to get back to Dwell on Design and talk with homeowners about enhancements we can make to their homes and quality of life.”

EasyTurf uses a proprietary 100 percent permeable artificial grass surface backing, MaxxFlow, for unmatched drainage capabilities. Unlike a grass lawn, rain will not turn your EasyTurf surface into a mud pit. Natural grass lawns require regular maintenance, tremendous amounts of water, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer and time. EasyTurf’s durability is also unmatched.

“EasyTurf’s superior synthetic grass products are matched by a dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and customer service,” Hartman said. “Our commitment to excellence continues to attract homeowners and commercial businesses searching for functional, aesthetic improvements.”

World renowned dog whisperer, Cesar Millan recently introduced EasyTurf artificial grass as his turf-of-choice for pet owners. Millan says drainage was critical in his decision to partner with EasyTurf on the 10,000 sq. ft. installation of artificial grass at his Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, Calif.

“We have a lot of land to cover, so it’s important to me that our landscaping is easy to care for, safe for our pack and has proper drainage,” said Millan. “Not only does Easy Turf look just like natural grass, it helps to eliminate common lawn problems associated with pets like brown spots from urine, tracked in mud, grass clippings and it can even deter your dog from digging holes.”

EasyTurf, the landscape division of FieldTurf, plays an important role in environmentally friendly lawns, recreational fields, playgrounds and energy conservation plans for communities throughout North America.

For more information about Dwell on Design, visit http://www.dwellondesign.com.

   Jun 10

Farm Supply Company of Buellton Is Now An EasyTurf Reseller

EasyTurf, Inc. has named the Farm Supply Company of Buellton, Calif., the EasyTurf Authorized Reseller for the Greater Buellton and surrounding areas.

Farm Supply CompanyThe announcement represents a unique opportunity for EasyTurf to benefit from the expertise of the Farm Supply Company, who will oversee the synthetic grass leader’s expansion to an increasingly receptive California market. The professionals at the Farm Supply Company are experts in landscape surface design and installation.

EasyTurf, the landscape arm of turf industry-giant FieldTurf, offers state-of-the-art synthetic lawns for beautiful, easy-care residential and commercial landscapes. EasyTurf also offers specialty synthetic grasses engineered specifically for commercial and residential putting greens, and for pet-friendly landscapes.

EasyTurf, Inc. has been Southern California’s exclusive FieldTurf® dealer for the residential and commercial landscaping market since 2000, offering the highest quality synthetic grass landscaping and golf green products and installations available. With over 7,000 installations in their region, EasyTurf is by far the largest synthetic grass distribution company in the country.

Besides offering the finest products available, the company’s commitment to excellence and superior customer service has been the main driving factor towards their success and rapid growth.

As an EasyTurf Authorized Reseller, the Farm Supply Company has the qualifications and expertise to sell EasyTurf’s superior quality synthetic grass, and to access FieldTurf’s innovative product development technology. By positioning itself as an EasyTurf Authorized Reseller, The Farm Supply Company can provide the Paso Robles market with EasyTurf’s superior synthetic grass and synthetic grass products.

The Farm Supply Company, Inc. (FSC) was established in 1950. It was originally organized as a non tax-exempt agricultural supply cooperative to serve the members of the Farm Bureau. Farm Supply History Records show the first Farm Supply store was an 18-by-20-foot room with $400 worth of inventory located on Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo.

Check out more artificial turf and putting green news at http://www.easyturf.com/ultimategrass, and to learn more about the Farm Supply Company, visit http://www.farmsupplycompany.com.

About EasyTurf:

In May 2010 EasyTurf, Inc., a long-time distributor of FieldTurf line of landscaping products and a recognized leader in the artificial grass industry, became the national brand of FieldTurf landscape, pets, playground, and golf artificial grass products. The partnership allowed FieldTurf to rapidly expand its existing dealer network and accelerate sales and distribution of FieldTurf landscape products on a national level to homeowners, municipalities, schools, businesses and the military.

EasyTurf is North America’s preeminent source for landscaping, offering state-of-the-art synthetic lawns for realistic, beautiful, easy-care residential and commercial landscapes, providing specialty synthetic grasses engineered specifically for military surfaces, commercial and residential athletic and playground surfaces, putting greens, and for pet-friendly landscapes. EasyTurf product advancements in the synthetic grass industry have led to massive growth for the Vista, California-based leader in life-like artificial lawns that stay beautiful year round.

FieldTurf has long been the world leader in synthetic sports field cover; now EasyTurf joins them as the industry leader in residential and commercial synthetic turf markets.


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   Jun 10

Woodbridge High School Will Soon Have Synthetic Turf Ball Field

Woodbridge Township and school district officials, accompanied by students of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, have recently broken ground on new high school baseball fields in Iselin. This marks the beginning of a program that will see significant facility improvements for the school giving the wider community availability of a more state of the art field.

The baseball field will be made from synthetic turf and will replace the original grass turf field that was first built when the high school was first constructed in 1964.

The new JFK baseball field will include synthetic turf in the outfield and infield, clay pitcher’s mound and batter’s box, new outfield fencing, scoreboard and lighting. It is a project that will cost $860,000 and is part of the larger School District Facilities Improvement Project initiative by the Township to rehabilitate School District sport and athletic fields, spectator stadium bleachers and stands, playgrounds, auditorium theatres, and other public-use school facilities.

Woodbridge High Baseball Field

Click for larger sized image

This investment is financed through tax incentives paid to the Township by corporations when they locate a new business or expand an existing business. This funding initiative is commonly known as Payment In Lieu Of Taxes or PILOT and it relieves the school board of the financial obligation. This leaves more available funds for other parts of the school development such as curriculum and classroom expenditures.

Click here to view original web page at www.nj.com

   Jun 09

Artificial grass offers options during drought

It seems synthetic grass is the perfect solution for creating attractive lawns for those living in parched landscapes. With the improvements in their manufacture and the great technological innovations that have been made in the industry the fake grass of today almost look better than the real thing.

This type of grass is preferred by dogs and neighbors can’t tell the difference. And when in the grips of prolonged drought, a no-water green space has its appeal.

Not all cities give owners the opportunity of using it anywhere they like on their property. Cities such as Sacramento still prohibit its use for front-yard landscaping. The city code of Sacramento is quite specific in saying “no artificial turf” . It’s a restriction that is generally enforced only if there’s a complaint.

A Drought Solution

The prolonged California prolonged drought, however, has many cities and people looking twice at synthetic lawns and reconsidering such bans. It is going the other ways for some California cities, such as Roseville, where there is the suggestion that synthetic turf be used as part of their grass-replacement initiatives.

When you consider that a healthy grass lawn will typically require 55 gallons of water per square foot each year it works out to around 33,000 gallons of water each year for a 600-square-foot lawn. Over the equivalent lifespan of the average artificial grass product which is around 15 years the installation of a synthetic lawn can save 495,000. When you start multiplying that by a significant number of homes in a local community it works out to an enormous amount of water that is saved.

On the other hand, artificial grass usually costs $8 to $13 per square foot installed.

Hot Synthetic Grass

One of the concerns that continues to be raised is how hot the turf can get. One owner in Sacramento whose backyard gets direct sunlight finds that it can get hot and uncomforatble to walk on in barefeet. They are quick to add that the benefits of low maintenance and no water outweigh that issue.

It is possible to overcome the hot feet issue by doing a little bit of research before selecting the synthetic grass you install. To be more precise, products such as  ‘Cool Grass’ (from New Grass) will stay cool enough to stand on comfortably after being exposed to the sun for an extended length of time. Another product that has been developed to reduce the surface temperature is TenCate.

Improved Innovation

There is now a great deal of variety and pricing variation in the industry with innovations over the last four years leading to new yarn shapes with greater resilience so they can last through the more significant levels of foot traffic. The grass is not always necessarily going to be laid as perfectly green with tan thatches being produced to better replicate real grass and the subtle variations in color.

With the varied array of yarns that are now available it is possible to replicate a bunch of different grass types making synthetic grass far more versatile.

The Real Downsides to Synthetic Grass Lawns

There is a real downside to artificial lawns, the question of what to do after 20 years when it needs to be replaced? When it’s spent, real grass breaks down into the soil; fake grass goes to the landfill. This is a problem that is still yet to be satisfactorily addressed.

There is another significant downside that homeowners will discover when it comes time to sell their home. Synthetic turf also can have a negative impact on the salability of the home.

There is a stigma that artificial grass carries and real estate agents have already noticed it. Homes that have artificial grass installed – whether it’s a backyard lawn, a putting green or a patch of dog grass – do not sell as quickly as homes without it.

In many cases, homeowners with synthetic grass in their backyards who are having trouble finding buyers are being advised to remove the grass altogether, after which the homes invariably sell…and for impressive prices too.
A more complete recent article covering the thoughts and experiences of people who have installed the products and those who sell them has been published at www.reviewjournal.com

   Jan 13

Transform Your Yard With Turf by Design Synthetic Grass!

Synthetic grass

Turf by Design Synthetic Turf

Turf by Design Synthetic Grass has come a long way from just a few years ago. What used to be for putting greens is now natural looking and eco friendly. It looks so real it can replace a whole lawn.

It is great for people who want to maintain a year round lawn that looks perfect without the work required. Great for hot climates where grass can die easily in summer and very cold climates where it goes dormant. No more yellowing at various times of the year.

You can thank the increased popularity on the drought. Many areas have laws and fines involved in summer watering. So how do you get a green lawn then? Besides praying for rain, this is the solution. It can be expensive at first. When you factor in no watering, no care, an

d how long it lasts, you are way far ahead.

A totally natural appearance is possible. Much work goes into the design, and insta

llation to give a great look. In some yards it is hard to tell the difference. Your friends and neighbors can end up admiring fake grass. But they will eventually catch on in the off season.

You don’t have to engage professionals to do this. DIY installation is not that bad, and with some planning can be very easy on you. Follow the instructions and you are sure to get great looking results. Use the right tools and prep your areas, and it is very easy to do.

Some manufacturers are even creating pet friendly products. With drainage built in, it is not as bad as you think. Staining is very minimal. And clean up can be easy with just use of a hose. So now you don’t have to worry about things if you have pets.

Do you or your children have grass allergies? Look to this product to help out. Removal of the offending natural grass helps some. Even high end homes are turning to synthetics to get great looking areas and putting greens. It is easy to get a nice look and improve your home’s value in the process.

If you want to make a cool change this might be for you. Once installed there is very little care involved which is very nice. With synthetic grass, you get a great look, that will last through all 4 seasons. Setup and do it yourself, or hire some professionals. You can get a great looking yard that is green year round in a matter of days or hours.

synthetic grass

   Jan 13

Choosing the righ Artificial Turf

Shopping around for artificial turf prices is definitely in the best interests of the individual homeowner. There are lots of reasophotons why people would choose this option over the real thing. For one thing, the real thing really isn’t the best solution. Grass is extremely expensive and very hard on the environment.

People spend too much time and money as well as fertilizers and pesticides to have the best lawn. Obviously, there are serious repercussions that come with that. Nowadays, as more and more municipalities are setting by laws that make it illegal to use pesticides, homeowners are feeling it even more because they are on the losing end in the war with weeds and pests.

So, there are other solutions that are better for everyone involved, and they come in the form of synthetic lawns. Unfortunately, there is no price etched in stone. There are different things that will affect the overall cost, and the first one is quality.

Certainly, the industry has come a long way. It has become much more sophisticated with innovations in technology. That results in more natural looking lawns. Again, the overall look will have an impact on costs. Aside from the actual synthetic grass that is being purchased, many other things need to be considered in the installation as this is a system.

In fact, there are many things that will complete the installation. These include soil stabilizer fabrics, infill, seaming glues or tapes, trimming materials and much more. That’s why everything has to be calculated properly to ensure the overall cost.

To reduce costs, anyone can do the job themselves. Of course, one would have to follow the guidelines and instructions very carefully and thoroughly. Avoiding mistakes will result in a more beautiful application that will last longer. Of course, turning to professionals to complete the job is also a good way to go but will increase costs.

There are other things that can affect the price of synthetic lawns. For example, the warranty, the fiber quality, the styling, the amount of UV protection and others. Usually, when lower prices are offered, one or more of these factors may have been compromised. Obviously, that would lead to the lifespan of the product and its look. It’s obvious that for the better product, there will be higher costs involved. Having said that, one needs to look at this installation as an investment. It’s meant to last for about a decade. Of course, the longevity depends a lot on how it has been used. A lot also depends on the actual installation. If it’s done right, it will last longer.

artificial turf prices

Looking to find the most comprehensive information on artificial turf prices ?

   Jan 06

Act Global joins ASTM International Committee on Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf manufacturer joins ASTM global organization for research and development, product testing and quality. Austin, Texas (January 6, 2014) – Artificial turf company Act Global has joined ASTM International to promote global quality standards and serve on the synthetic

   Dec 05

Artificial Grass Ensures Kids Get Exercise — Even in Winter

The numbers are staggering, if not downright depressing: 17 percent of America’s children are obese (Centers for Disease Control); nearly 1 in 3 are at least overweight if not obese (American Heart Association); today’s children are four times less active than their grandparents were (American Academy of Pediatrics), and childhood obesity has become the top health concern among U.S. parents (AHA).

The lack of activity and exercise is “troubling and calls for some parental intervention,” the AAP says.

Dr. Michael Omidi, co-founder of The Children’s Obesity Fund, has been even more emphatic: “It is becoming increasingly obvious that the lack of physical exercise in children is the main culprit in the startling rise of childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and all other types of preventable medical conditions.”

The CDC says the lack of safe, appealing places for kids to play is a big problem nationwide. The challenge is made worse in the winter months when much of the country suffers rain, snow, sleet and cold temperatures.

One response by communities, cities and schools alike has been to install synthetic grass to help children be active year-round, regardless of the weather. A play area covered with Artificial turf is usable even after a snowfall, because it’s installed in a way that lets water simply drain through.

Sand and wood chips as play area groundcover may create cushioned surfaces. But in they’re unusable after a snowfall or heavy rain. Turf grass meanwhile dies in the winter, leaving play areas hard at best, and muddy or frozen at worst.

“We’ve seen parks and playgrounds that have Turf installed provide safe and accessible surfaces for kids to play on day after day, all year round,” says Gregory Goehner, president of NewGrass, the artificial grass of choice when water conservation and being environmentally and eco-friendly are as important as having more green lawn to enjoy in any season. “We are proud to play at least a small part in increasing the level of physical activity among our youth.”

   Mar 26

Six Xtreme Turf Fields in The Woodlands, Texas

New multi field sports installation features Act Global Xtreme Turf The Woodlands, Texas community will soon have six high-quality synthetic turf sports fields, featuring Xtreme Turf from Act Global! The fields are being built and installed by ARCHCO Superior and

   Feb 08

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Guidelines


To maximize the appearance, performance and longevity of your synthetic turf surface, maintenance is essential.

To provide direction on this important issue, the Synthetic Turf Council has released new, improved guidelines that meet the requirements of today’s artificial turf systems. The STC states four key areas that drive the need for objective synthetic turf maintenance guidelines:

1. Maximize the appearance and longevity of your synthetic turf—Improperly maintained fields will degrade faster and compromise playing conditions.

2. Ensure maximum performance and playability—Through a combination of regular maintenance and performance testing, it is possible to track the synthetic sports field’s performance and anticipate the end of its useful life.

3. Address field usage topics and special circumstances—Factors such as age, hours of use, type of usage, climate, contamination and other situations impact the performance of the synthetic turf.

4. Meet your field’s warranty requirements—While a maintenance regimen can support the requirements of a warranty, the details of a maintenance plan should be carefully reviewed with the field builder to assure that it complies with and does not void any provisions of the warranty.
*source: Synthetic Turf Council

Ongoing routine maintenance can include keeping the playing surface free of debris, maintaining proper infill levels, and brushing the turf. More specialized maintenance may include decompaction, seam repairs and cleaning of the infill. These comprehensive guidelines discuss all aspects of maintenance from proper cleaning materials, to equipment and techniques, so you can keep your field in top performing condition.

You can follow the link to download your own copy of the “STC Guidelines for Maintenance of Infilled Synthetic Turf Sports Fields”.

   Feb 08

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Guidelines

To maximize the appearance, performance and longevity of your synthetic turf surface, maintenance is essential. To provide direction on this important issue, the Synthetic Turf Council has released new, improved guidelines that meet the requirements of today’s artificial turf systems.

   Feb 06

LiteEarth™ Capping System Launches, Featuring Act Global Turf

LiteEarth Product

LiteEarth Product

A new, patent pending capping system called LiteEarth launched at the international Waterproof Membranes Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.  The system features a single-ply composite of synthetic grass fused with EPDM geomembrane to produce a one of a kind product for a wide range of permanent closures.

LiteEarth features high-quality synthetic grass manufactured by Act Global. The turf provides a natural looking surface, and is more aesthetically pleasing than exposed membrane or natural grass that is not well-maintained. It also eliminates the use of costly and environmentally damaging fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and mower exhausts required for natural grass maintenance.

The LiteEarth system provides long-term protection that is impermeable to air, gas and water, at a fraction of the cost of traditional natural grass capping. Comparatively, LiteEarth can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per acre over 30 years, by reducing materials, labor, maintenance and installation costs. LiteEarth can also save more than 400,000 pounds of CO2 per acre.

For more information on LiteEarth, and to view the full press release, visit www.LiteEarth.com.

   Nov 06

New XtremeLok Technology Featuring BASF to Enhance Synthetic Turf Durability

synthetic aviation turf

XtremeLok technology utilized in 1.4 million sq. ft. synthetic aviation turf installation at US Air Force Academy.

Act Global Sports, a synthetic turf manufacturer with installations in 70 countries, has selected innovative components from BASF to offer a proprietary secondary coating application XtremeLok that will improve tuft bind and increase the life of their artificial turf system.

The technology enhancement improves the locking of the grass fibers into the turf backing, referred to as tuft bind, a result of continued research, development and comparison testing across varying coating technologies. The benefits of XtremeLok are improved quality, durability and longevity of the turf.

The XtremeLok coating has already been utilized in Act Global’s 1.4 million square foot installation at the United States Air Force Academy runways as well as the Highland Heritage Regional Park in Douglas County, Colorado.  The results have met the stringent U.S. Air Force Academy requirements and the Highland project achieved a tuft bind of 12.75 pounds (56.7N). The product feature is now available to all sports, aviation and landscaping customers who require tier-one quality.

For more information, please click here for complete press release.

   Jul 17

Synthetic Turf for the purpose of water conservation!

Water shortages are a legitimate environmental concern in which a lot of have taken awareness to, coming up with improvements and systems that can reverse such negative effects. The use of artificial turf as a water saving option to heavy water consuming surfaces is an effective improvement. Once installed, the copious amounts of water saved by synthetic grass add up every day, and evidently, each year. For this reason, residences, commercial companies, parks, recreation, along with other municipalities have taken to the use of . As a realistic natural grass alternative, it’s a revolutionary modern product that totally eliminates the need for watering.

The ongoing global water crisis is one which has caused drought circumstances, in conjunction with random climate events. Even with rainfall, evaporation because of temperature increases can contribute to water shortages. With artificial grass, the precious resource of water may be conserved, gallon by gallon. An estimated 25,000 gallons of water are used to water a single residential lawn in a year. Other parks, fields, and other natural grass regions can need an exponential increase in water requirements. Imagine the amount of water that will be saved by a single residential lawn being converted into a synthetic grass lawn. If more and more residences and neighborhoods took to artificial grass, hundreds of thousands of gallons of water may be conserved. With bigger areas including recreational parks, fields, and commercial regions, millions of gallons of water may be saved. A versatile item with so many uses has worked to revolutionize the water conservation movement, as well as to improve awareness on improvements and steps society can take.

A terrific factor about having an artificial grass yard will be the reality that it has a rapid return on investment. The initial investment is greater than that of a natural grass lawn, but with added savings for water as well as other bills, the return on investment is rapidly. Also, with all the long lifetime of artificial grass, these savings can stack on as each year goes by. With its long lifetime, it can stay on properties and add substantial property value to any home. As a popular eco-friendly property addition, a synthetic grass lawn appeals to several due to its minimal maintenance. With no need for watering, mowing, fertilizing, or weeding, both house owners and enterprise owners can enjoy the benefits of low upkeep.

The global concern for water conservation requires awareness and participation by everyone on a large scale so that you can create an impact. By adopting the use of waterless artificial turf, whether it be for your lawn, your company, or supporting the use of it in municipalities, you’re showing your concern for our water crisis, and being proactive in the water conservation movement. The ability to get a single lawn to save as much as 25,000 gallons of water a year is really a significant difference in the shortage of water. Take advantages of a modern revolutionary product-synthetic grass-to help conserve the precious resource of water. Contact us today at 720-240-1959!

   Jul 17

Earn a Tax Rebate By Installing Artificial Grass

On account of overwhelming environmental concerns, like droughts and water scarcity, the use of sustainable products such as artificial grass are given good incentives by the government. Such incentives happen within the form of tax rebates which will be redeemed based upon state. Specific tax rebate programs are relatively uncomplicated to participate in. By taking advantage of financial incentives for instance tax rebates, you will be able to further benefit from sustainable living not only by helping the environment, but receiving cash back too. In a time when the status with the economy could do greater, saving some dollars here and there can assist out rather a bit. Look to tax rebates for artificial grass to cash in on extra funds for helping to save water and support the environment.

Troubles and concerns that relate to drought levels have pushed several state governments to implement regulations and programs to assist with water conservation. Several thousand gallons of water are applied by single households each year just on lawn watering. Therefore, this has been a target area of regulation and incentives in particular. The use of water conservative lawns and plants, which includes waterless lawns which are created from artificial grass are what tax rebate programs reward. So far, there are 3 principal states that have the largest and most active tax incentive programs for households with artificial grass. This includes California, Nevada, and Arizona, all of that are in a state of vital drought. California’s tax incentive programs are divided amongst region (district or county). Nevada’s tax incentive program goes by means of the Nevada Water Authority, being the most prosperous tax rebate program. Arizona’s rebate program is broken up by city.

Other states have either smaller, much less organized programs, or are within the procedure of creating or enhancing existing programs. This includes Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Florida, and New Mexico. Oregon’s program, like Washington’s, is pending and still being improved upon for the use of artificial grass. Colorado truly has various programs inside its state. Florida is nonetheless inside the process of creating a substantial program for the use of artificial grass yards. Lastly, New Mexico goes through a state university for their incentive program. This program studies water conservation and thus pays for study participation. Although particular states might not seem to have any highly advertised or published programs, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. With quite a few efforts for several states to come together to generate or enhance on tax rebate programs, it’s wise to therefore keep researching and watch for upcoming most recent news on possible programs.

The use of an artificial turf lawn substantially helps to conserve water and therefore boost the condition of the existing environment and also the environment for generations to come. Nearby governments are continuing to strengthen upon incentives for households that use artificial grass lawns rather than normal grass lawns. Take pleasure in the a lot of benefits of helping the environment, while also gaining tax incentives using the use of an eco-friendly artificial grass lawn.

   Jun 02

TenCate Ruduces Artificial Grass Temperature Using Cutting Edge Technology

There are a lot of different reasons cited for not using synthetic turf as a preferred playing field turf. Reasons ranging from an increased risk of injury or infection to an adverse impact on the environment have been put forward in the fight against the new technology. The vast majority of criticisms of synthetic grass have been proven to be inaccurate or have been answered by improvements to the technology.

One valid criticism that had not been properly dealt with was the increase in temperature on hot days of a synthetic turf field in comparison one made from natural turf. It appears that this may be one the verge of being solved now.

TenCate Grass is a leading producer of synthetic grass fibers and components and the company is responsible for TenCate XP Blade™, one of the most preferred synthetic grass blade options for sporting fields worldwide. The problem of elevated temperatures on artificial fields is due to heat absorption but TenCate has now come up with HR heat reflective technology that is being applied to its TenCate XP Blade™ fibers.

Heat Reflective Technology

The requirement for the ability to reduce the temperature of the artificial playing surface is essential and TenCate have been able to build the HR technology into the fibers as part of the manufacturing process. The result is that TenCate XP Blade™ fibers are going to be offered with the HR technology at no additional cost, making it a first.

Laboratory tests have been conducted on the TenCate XP Blade ™ fibers with HR technology added and the results have been a reduction in temperature of around 17.5 degrees F.

Durable and Cooler

TenCate XP Blade™ is a synthetic turf that has been preferred for the installation of soccer fields around the world with more than 3,500 installations completed. The reason that it is favoured over other types of grass is because of its extreme durability. Any field that is going to be exposed to high traffic levels will perform well with the XP Blade ™ fibers. The addition of HR technology to the grass fibers makes this a product that is not only more durable than other options but also cooler too.

   May 16

City of Round Rock Funds Synthetic Turf Using Community Development Block Grant


ACT Global Sports recently completed a local community sports field for the city of Round Rock. The new Xtreme Turf synthetic field at Buck Egger Park is the first of its kind for the city. The field, funded through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), provides a quality sports surface for community members to enjoy. In addition to the play areas, Round Rock is allocating the grant towards construction of the parking lot, sidewalks and lighting system.

The two-tone green, durable turf is an upgrade from the previous worn natural grass and dirt area. The Xtreme Turf system is comparable in quality and performance to some of the top professional fields around the world. As part of our standing as a FIFA Preferred Producer of football turf, our systems undergo rigorous scientific testing to meet the highest performance standards.

We are proud to be a part of a successful, local project in our own neighborhood. Safe parks and playing surfaces can have a positive physical and social impact on a community. We applaud the City of Round Rock for their creative funding solution to deliver a new level of enjoyment to the Round Rock community.